Village Life In an Urban Center

I was a member of Grandview Calvary Baptist while I was in graduate school in Vancouver. My last year in Vancouver I lived in a community house right next door to the church. My time at Grandview gave me a passion for Christian hospitality as a desperately needed witness within North America. My immersion in this community also gave me practical experience and a vocabulary of hospitality to share with others. 

  • The congregation feasting together on Christmas Day!

There are many things that could be written about Grandview Calvary Baptist Church in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It is a congregation with a unique creativity and vision.

“Living out the radical welcome of God” is integral to Grandview’s theological worldview and sense of its mission in the world.

Fueled by the energy of young people and theological thinking (its proximity to theological schools means there are many theologian congregants), this 300 member Canadian Baptist Church in East Vancouver has spawned four non-profits: Just Works, Co-here, Kinbrace Society and REED. The congregation has also served as the umbrella for many other innovative initiatives over the years.

Hospitality is embodied in many ways at Grandview through the welcome of refugees, homeless, artists, and single moms to name a few.

For my research, I decided to focus on how congregants of Grandview Calvary have elected to share life and create a “village life” in the midst of the second largest city in Canada.

This is the story of how parish life grew up in the big city.