About Me

tweakedportraitHi, my name is Elizabeth.

I am a mom of young children, a wife, a lover of theology, a good cup of coffee and the outdoors.

I have a passion for building community and one of my great joys is sitting around a dinner table with an eclectic group of people and seeing how really different people find surprising connections as they pass the potatoes.

My parents were missionaries. Growing up, I experienced what it was like to be a foreigner in a strange land. This has stuck with me, and inspired me to go deeper in this topic of hospitality.

In my twenties, I discovered there was a rich tradition of welcoming the outsider and stranger within my Christian heritage.  As I studied Christian hospitality, I read many stories of people feeling called to live in hard neighborhoods, opting out of the mainstream economy, devoting their days to serving the poor and living radically for God’s Kingdom.

While such stories are inspiring, most Christians I know dismiss these folks as being radicals or having a special calling, and thus dismissing the call of Jesus to live out hospitality.  This made me wonder:  What does Christian hospitality look like for ordinary people who have families or full time jobs? How can every Jesus follower live this out in their various spheres of influence?

These are the questions I explore in this website. My hope is to create accessible resources for people and church congregations to better live into this ancient and foundational practice of the Christian faith.

I value collaboration and would love to hear from you.  Perhaps you would like to write a story of the congregation that you are involved with or another related topic.  Please feel free to share any related resources or other congregations that we all can learn from.


You can contact me at eturman <at> gmail  c0m

You can also check out my other blog that explores a spirituality to live faithfully in our current political environment at: www.pledgeallegiancetothelamb.com

I am also open to speaking engagements.  You can email me if you are interested in exploring this option.