Welcoming the Prisoner

Pastor friends of mine were deeply impacted by their internship at Northern Lighthouse Mission, an obscure little church in Nebraska. Though they lived across the country, they were always recruiting others to “go and see” how grace and hope were lived out in inmate ministry at Northern Lighthouse. I was curious to see what a church built around welcoming prisoners looked like…

  • Northern Lighthouse Mission in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Northern Lighthouse Mission is a small Christian Reformed Mission in Lincoln, Nebraska that aspires to be a place of “acceptance and direction.” Each Sunday, up to forty prisoners from a local work-release prison are bused in for their worship service.  The church is named Lighthouse because it seeks to be a place that provides direction to people that have gotten off-course in life.

In addition to the outreach programs, Northern Lighthouse provides a new family, a place where inmates find a place of belonging in a society where they often feel the stigma of their past and struggle for acceptance.

The congregation is a mix of mainstream people, former inmates, homeless, and other marginalized members that call Northern Lighthouse Mission their home.

A number of congregants and leadership have welcomed parolees into their homes. Inmates not physically housed testify how they have found a figurative home that keeps them out of trouble and gives them the opportunity to give back and be discipled into the image of Christ.

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